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Protection Plan

Our Performance Engine services are backed by a Lifetime Protection Plan!

This Plan is an added benefit when qualified BG services are purchased. All services must be performed by a professional technician at a licensed service centre using an approved BG maintenance procedure with proper BG products and equipment.

To qualify:

Plan 1, your vehicle must be serviced with a BG Engine Performance Service before 80,000 kms.

Plan 2, your vehicle must receive a BG Engine Performance Service between 80,001-120,000 kms.

Coverage is tied to the life of the vehicle, meaning even if you sell or buy a car that’s covered under BG Protection Plan, it will continue to be covered under a new owner so long as BG Engine Performance Services are maintained by the correct intervals.


BG Performance Engine Services

Our BG Performance Engine services cover petrol and diesel engines. Check with your service provider for details.

  • Service Interval: Every 20,000 kms or 12 months whichever occurs first.

    • Diesel Engines use: BG 109, BG 112, and BG 245

    • Petrol Engines use: BG 109, BG 115, and BG 208

  • Plan 1: €4500 (0-80,000km)

  • Plan 2: €2,250(80,000-120,000km)

    *vehicles between (120,000-200,000km) may qualify for Plan 2 using a BG Dynamic Engine Restoration Service

What components are covered?

ENGINE COVERAGE: Pistons and rings (oil consumption excluded), wrist pins and bushings, rods and rod bearings, camshafts and bearings, push rods, intake valves and guides (grinding adjustments excluded), turbo bearings, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder liners or bores, valve lifters, timing chains (stretched timing chains are excluded) (timing belts and damage to engine parts due to broken timing belts excluded), rocker arms and pivots, oil pump, timing gears or sprockets, distributor drive gear.

FUEL COVERAGE: Oxygen sensors, PCV, Mass Air Flow sensor (only if BG 407 is used), injectors, (deposit-related malfunctions only)

Are you a service provider needing to make a claim? Or simply wanting to know more information about BG Protection Plan?