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BG introduces CVT fluid that match Nissan and Honda CVT colors

WICHITA, Kan.–January 12, 2016 – BG Products, Inc., introduces three new colors ofcontinuously variable transmission (CVT) fluid to match popular automaker branded fluid colors.

• Universal CVT Fluid Red, PN 3183-01, matches Honda CVT fluidCTV-colors
• Universal CVT Fluid NS-2 Green, PN 3183-02, matches Nissan NS-2 CVT fluid
• Universal CVT Fluid NS-3 Green, PN 3183-03, matches Nissan NS-3 CVT fluid

Nissan and Honda heavily utilize CVTs in their late model vehicles. In fact, Nissan vehicles are equipped with CVTs exclusively. These new CVT fluid colors will allow shops to offer their Nissan and Honda customers the benefits of BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid while satisfying the need for brand-specific fluid color.