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Cooling System

When coolant loses its protective additives, it will overheat and eventually break down. Then coolant becomes corrosive, causing rust and deposits and literally eating holes in cooling system components. Byproducts of corrosion damage clog the passageways that conduct the water through the radiator and choke off the flow. This may result in an overheated engine that may be damaged beyond repair.

With the BG Cooling System Service, the entire cooling system is first cleaned with BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner and all debris and worn out coolant is completely removed from the system. Then, new premium coolant is added. BG Universal Super Cool® is also included to prevent corrosion.


Clean debris from cooling system
Remove rust, scale and sludge from cooling system fins
Clean rust from coolant lines
Replenish depleted coolant additives

Restored cooling system function
Extended coolant life
Increased vehicle performance
Reduced foaming and overheating