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Climate Control

In middle of the summer, the last thing you want is to drive in a hot, smelly car. What’s worse is the dingy smell that comes from the vents when you turn the A/C on.

Condensation in your vehicle’s A/C promotes fungus, mold and bacterial growth. And all of that blowing through the vents is an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare.

Get a BG Climate Control Service every spring so by the time summer arrives, the air inside your vehicle will be cleaner and four to five degrees cooler. The BG Climate Control Service extends the life and enhances the performance of the systems that contribute so much to your driving enjoyment.


Kills mold and fungi
Inspects A/C for leaks and wear
Cleans evaporator to restore cooling process
Checks system pressures

Quieter compressor operation
Extended compressor life
Cleaner air conditioning system
Better air quality